Sterile Red Rubber Colon Catheter

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Product Description - Made by RUSCH

The red catheter can be attached to any enema kit using the connections originally provided and will facilitate by reaching higher into the colon.

The Gerson Therapy recommends inserting 5-6 inches into the colon for an enema to be effective.

This colon tube is 16 inches in length and 20fr size (6mm od) and comes in sterile medical grade packaging.

The red colon tubes are comfortable to insert due to their flexibility and thin tubing. These catheters are widely recommended for those who may suffer painful haemorrhoids/piles, as will aid a slim insertion.

It is important to note, red catheters are recommended by Gerson Therapy and general medical practitioners. 

Directions: Insert the catheter 5-8 inches into the colon.  Lie on your right side pulling legs up. The enema bag or bucket should not be more than 18 inches above you, to allow slow flow.

While lying on your right side, pull legs to the chest in a relaxed position, and cover yourself with a blanket to keep warm and a pillow to rest comfortably.

The coffee enema is administered through the rectum at body temperature and held for 12 to 15 minutes, then released.